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Privacy Policy

Toys Town Privacy Policy

Nowadays, with online fraud and cybercrime on the rise more than ever, we understand the urgency to protect personal information. To this effect, our privacy policy ensures that whatever personal information you provide while shopping on our website will remain safe and confidential.
With us, you can rest assured that we regard safeguarding your privacy as an utmost priority. At times, we might request you to furnish specific personal information. You must understand that this is meant solely to verify your identity and will be used by our privacy guidelines.
Also, please note that our privacy policy is subject to frequent revisions. Hence, we request you to check the updates every time you visit the website to be aware of the changes introduced.

Visitor Information

For every visitor who visits us for the first time, we request the following information –
  • Your name
  • Nature of employment and rank at workplace
  • Your full address, complete with postal code
  • Personal interests and preferences
  • Any other information that you would like to share, like discounts, coupons and so on

Toys Town Privacy Policy Regarding the Information Gathered

For us, serving you to the best of our abilities is the foremost concern. As an online store for kids’ toys and gifts, we intend to provide you with a positive shopping experience. To achieve this, we require an in-depth understanding of your preferences. Hence, we ask you for details that would enable us to improve the interaction.
Once you have filled the form, we use the information to –

Compiling Internal Data

Like every organization, we maintain a record of our visitors. The data gathered is used in the following ways –
  • As feedback to improve our existing product range or new add to the existing categories.
  • To send you promotional emails informing you of the special offers, new introductions, coupons, and so on.
  • For relationship building, wherein as a valued customer, we will ask you to fill out a survey form and provide feedback.
  • To keep in touch with you through phone, fax, or mail.
We rely on your feedback and information to improve our website in terms of product range, features, navigation, and other aspects. So, don’t be surprised if you visit the Gitoex website and find that your suggestions have been implemented.

External Links on Our Website

Link building is a tool that all websites rely on, and we are no exceptions. That is why our website has links to several other sites. Every time you click on these links, the action will take you to the website in question.
Please note that these links are just provided to facilitate information sharing on the Internet. So, the websites that these links lead to are beyond our authority and jurisdiction. Hence, we do not control or monitor the content of the data collection that happens on these websites. Since these websites are beyond our purview, the onus is on you to check the privacy policy applicable to the particular portal before providing any personal information.
We urge you to be cautious while providing personal details on these websites as we will not be responsible in any way for the misuse of information.

Controlling Personal Information

If you are not comfortable providing personal details, please consider taking any or all of the following steps –

  • Beneath every question, you will find a box that gives you a choice for excluding the use of information for direct marketing. All you need to do is click the box to limit the usage of particular information.
  • If you might have previously consented to your details being used for direct marketing, and have now changed your mind, drop us an email at
  • We rely on your database to send promotional information conforming to your interest, like new product range, discounts, clearance sales, and so on. In case you do not wish to receive such information, please write to us to inform us of the same, and we will respect your decision.
You are valuable to us As a customer, which is why we don’t sell or share your details with any third party. Should the need arise, we will first seek permission from you and then act accordingly.

Lastly, we urge you to kindly check and update your details every once in a while. If there is any discrepancy in terms of the information being incorrect/incomplete, please contact us immediately and bring it to our notice. On our part, we will rectify the details as soon as possible.

Bearing in mind the vulnerability of online data collection, we urge you to comply with the Gitoex privacy policy. If you cooperate with us, we can work together to render this website safe and secure and provide memorable shopping experiences long into the future.